• 20MB Storage Space
• 500MB Data Transfers
• 10 email addresses
MySql - php
• 50MB Storage Space
• 500MB Data Transfers
• 12 email addresses
MySql - php
• 100MB Storage Space
• 1GB Data Transfers
• 15 email addresses
MySql - php
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If you are looking for affordable and reliable UNIX hosting, you have come to the right place. Host for You New Zealand offers the most affordable hosting with features such as MS FrontPage, CGI/Perl, MySQL, PHP and best of all, 24/7 customer service. Whether you are building a personal website or a professional website for your business, you will find what you need at Host for You New Zealand.


Answers to our most asked questions
I placed my order three days ago, and the WhoIs lookup shows that my domain is active on your servers, but I can't get my site to load on any browser. Why is that?

Even when the WhoIs database displays your domain as active on our servers, sometimes the internet doesn't display the site to all browsers in all parts of the world immediately. For example: your domain may be viewable in California today while not showing up in Maryland, but that usually gets resolved within 24 hours. It takes 3-5 days for the domain to become active and resolved back to our servers. This is true for all hosting companies.

I want my domain available to publish to the same day. Is this possible?

Yes, we offer same-day domain service in the form of a Unique IP. This numerical address will be up the same day of your order and publishable via FTP. In 3-5 days, the name you have chosen will resolve within the WhoIs and World Wide Web, allowing visitors to type that name to get to your site.

What happens to the numerical address once my chosen domain name becomes active?

If the numerical address is typed in a browser after your domain name resolves, they will STILL get your site. The numerical address and yourdomain.com are one in the same.

Do you still charge the extra $7.00 per month for the Unique IP even after the numerical address resolves to my chosen domain name?

Yes we do, since you still enjoy the benefits of the Unique IP. The difference between a Unique IP and a regular domain is that a regular, run-of-the-mill domain name needs to be added to the WhoIs directory and resolved back to our servers, while a Unique IP is availabe in the form of a numerical address the same day you order it from us. Within a few days that numerical address becomes www.yourdomain.com

What is the path to your perl server?


Where can I access my web based mail server without going through control panel?

In the address bar of your browser, enter www.yourdomain.com/webmail/. At the prompt, enter your full email address and your selected password. This is where you must first set-up your email via the control panel and set preferences before it is activated. Then, at the bottom of the resulting page, click "Read Web Mail"

Will your e-mail service work with MS Outlook, Eudora, or other client based e-mail programs?

Yes, no problem.

How does the e-mail set-up to work with MS Outlook?

Simply use yoursite.com as POP and SMTP. If you have problems using yoursite.com as your SMTP (outgoing mail) server, use the SMTP server your dial up or internet service provider offers.

How many e-mail addresses do I get?

All accounts get addresses as per plan that you control in your Control Panel

You have just set-up my new account, why can't I access my new control panel?

Your domain name is either new or being transferred to our nameservers. This process takes 3-5 days to resolve back to our servers. As soon as your site is up and running (resolved), you will receive an email from us.

I have my client based e-mail configured properly, why can't I access?

You must set-up your web based e-mail first

I have uploaded my new index.htm page. Why doesn't it show?

Our servers are set-up with an .html index page. Just change your index.htm file extension to index.html

Why won't my Front Page forms work?

Install your front page extensions from your C-panel.

How do I transfer my domain name?

To transfer hosts, ask your register to change the nameservers to ours:

Primary DNS: ns1.host4u.co.nz
Primary IP:

Secondary DNS: ns2.host4u.co.nz
Secondary IP:
How long does it take to set-up my account?

Please allow 24 hours, although it has been done at times as fast as 1 hour. If you did not order an account with a unique IP, your site will not be active for at least 3 - 5 days, until the name resolves. We will notify you when your site is ready.

Do you offer PHP support? MySQL databases?


Where can I get my site stats?

You will find extensive stats in the "Webalizer" link in your control panel

Can I have Sub-Domains set up under my domain?

Yes depending on your plan

Do sub-domains get FTP access?

Yes, FTP only if you have a unique IP address.- they do not get a control panel. You do not have to have a unique IP address to have FTP to access all sub-domains, but you do need a unique IP address if you want virtual FTPs for each sub-domain.

Can sub-domains have e-mail addresses?

Yes- top level domain must set-up in their control panel

What will my sub-domain name look like?

How much does a unique IP cost?

$7.00 per month

What is FTP?
FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a system used for transferring files between computers on the Internet. It is commonly used for downloading software from the Internet. This is the process you will be using to upload your web pages to our server.
Can I use Anonymous FTP?
Currently, we do not support anonymous FTP. However, you can make links to the files through your website and have downloads occur over HTTP. In fact, if you download from more than one IP address at the same time (i.e. two different people log into your site via FTP with your password and download files), your site will be permanently disabled from downloading files via FTP.

You will need to use a stand alone FTP client to upload your files. We support the following utilities: I personally use Ace. (FREE)